Questions For Surgeons

Experience Matters!

  • Does the surgeon specialize in parathryoidectomies?
  • How many years has the surgeon been performing parathyroidectomies?
  • How many does the surgeon perform daily/weekly/monthly?
  • How many parathyroidectomies has the surgeon performed to date?
  • Does the surgeon do a pre-operative sestamibi scan? What happens if the scan is negative? Will the surgeon still do the surgery?

Surgical Methods Matter!

  • What is the typical length for the surgery? The time required can vary greatly from surgeon to surgeon. Are we talking minutes or hours?
  • What type of anesthesia is required for the surgical procedure?
  • What method does the surgeon use to locate the tumor(s)?
  • Does the surgeon perform minimally invasive parathyroid surgery (MIP) ?
  • Does the surgeon perform minimally invasive radio guided surgery (MIRP) ?
  • Is the surgery done on an out-patient basis or is an overnight stay required ?

Success Matters!

  • There is always a possibility that there is more than one tumor. Does the surgeon check all 4 parathyroid glands during the surgery? If all 4 are check, what advanced techniques do they use or do they explore? (Exploring creates scar tissue that may prevent a cure if a second surgery needs to be performed.)
  • Will PTH levels be monitored during surgery to help ensure all adenomas have been found? How long does each of the measurements take?
  • What other methods, if any do they use to help ensure success?
  • What is the surgeon’s success rate?
  • What complications may possibly arise?

Follow-Up Matters!

  • Will the surgeon be available for follow-up questions/appointments?
  • What will their role be if complications develop following surgery?
  • What is your surgeons recommendations for Calcium, Magnesium and Vitamin D supplementation post surgery?

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