We are so excited to be producing and hosting a series of podcasts with five expert surgeons from the Norman Parathyroid Center.  Podcasts – Discussions with the Experts

We are also planning a number of podcasts with patients who have had primary hyperparathyroid disease and we will be sharing  Podcasts – PARA(thyroid) Trooper Stories

Here’s the line-up for some of our future podcast topics designed to help educate patients as well as medical and mental healthcare professionals!

  • Function of the Parathyroid Glands and Classic Presentation
  • Normocalcemic and Normohormonal Diagnosis
  • Calcium Values (Serum, Ionized & Urine) and Purpose of Scans
  • In the Operating Room – Typical surgery to remove a parathyroid adenoma
  • Surgical Risks and Complications – Hypocalcemia, Tetany, Hoarseness, Vocal Cord, Incision Site and other considerations
  • Symptoms – Neurological problems, Kidney Stones, Osteoporosis, GERD and more
  • Re-ops – Challenges the experts face and why
  • Difficult surgeries – Ectopic gland, 5th glands, Embedded in thyroid, Cysts, 4 gland hyperplasia, Vocal Cord/Jugular Vein
  • Hyperplasia – What is hyperplasia and what is the best approach
  • Rare conditions that people with hypercalcemia might have – Secondary, Tertiary, MEN-1, FHH, Carcinoma, Familial
  • Parathyroid tumors located in the chest – How did the adenoma get in there and even more importantly, how are you going to get it out?
  • Approaches in the Operating Room – Ultrasounds, Sestamibi Scans, Use of Probe, and checking all 4 glands
  • Epidemiology of Primary hyperparathyroidism – Why did I get this disease? What percentage of the population will get primary hyperparathyroidism?
  • PARAthyroid PEEPS Action Plan – Conversations with a surgeon about the need to educate and advocate
  • YOUR QUESTIONS ! – All you peeps will have an opportunity to submit your questions and the surgeons will answer as many of them as possible, in the time allotted for this podcast

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