Want to Share Your Story?

parachute.perry.7.15Would you like to become a PARA-thyroid Trooper and help us educate others and advocate for change by sharing your story? 

If the answer is YES…..we’d like to hear from you! 

The intent of sharing our stories and for you to share yours is to further our mission to raise awareness and advocate for improvement in diagnosis and standards for surgical treatment of primary hyperparathyroid disease. It is our hope that together, by educating patients and the medical community and advocating for change, diagnosis can become more timely and the most advanced surgical techniques will be available to all. Please see our Vision and Mission statement as well as our Action Plan for additional information.

Parathyroid Peeps Guest Blogger Criteria:

  • Patients who blog have been diagnosed by a medical professional or were previously diagnosed and have had surgery to cure primary hyperparathyroid disease  and are willing to provide evidence of this if requested.
  • Names of doctors and medical centers may be mentioned in a positive light. Negative experiences may be included as part of your story, however names of doctors and centers associated with those experiences will be kept confidential in the story, as well as when responding to any comments on the Parathyroid Peep website/blog.
  • Stories will accurately reflect the guest blogger’s personal experiences related to their primary hyperparathyroid journey and be able to back them up with facts.
  • Opinions and speculation will be distinguishable from facts that are related to your story.
  • Guest Bloggers understand prior to submission that not all stories are accepted.
  • Bloggers whose stories have been accepted will be notified of their date of publication in advance.
  • Criteria is based on relevance to our mission, writing style, and bloggers willingness to work with us in a manner that is mutually beneficial.
  • We reserve the right to remove a published story at any time, for any reason.

Please use the contact form to indicate your interest and we will send you the necessary Guest Blog forms so you can consider whether you want to proceed in submitting a proposal.