What a Launch!

As we reach our very first milestone, having been live now for almost a full week, we are thrilled to share a few of our stats with you. Last Monday Dr. William Davis the author of Wheat Belly posted Barbara’s story on his Facebook page that has close to 232,000 likes, sending our site visits overnight to a record high.  As of press time our site PARAthyroidPEEPS.com has been viewed by 5,376 people in 57 countries and we have 30 followers!!  Our Facebook page has been viewed by 985 people and has received 225 Likes!!!

We wanted to take this time to thank you for reading and sharing our mission with your friends and family. We are very humbled to see that we can all make a difference in educating people about primary hyperparathyroidism and judging by the numbers of people following our blog and FB page it is very clear that you also want to learn more about this disease and/or help us raise awareness and advocate for change to improve timeliness of diagnosis and standards for surgical treatment.

In the upcoming weeks we will have guest bloggers share their stories as well as introduce our graphic artist, the designer of our “ambassador” Perry, who is featured in our logo. We now refer to her as “Perry’s mom”.  As it turns out, she also has a parathyroid story of her own to share which we were not aware of until after we asked her to create the design. What a coincidence. So much to be hopeful for….so much to share. Stay tuned!

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