To date we have produced four podcasts with expert surgeons from the Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa, Florida. We have had over 900 visitors listen to these podcasts in our first month! Thank you for listening, learning and sharing to raise awareness!!

Dr. Jim Norman covered the topics of….

  • Parathyroid Function and Classic Biochemical Presentation
  • Normohormonal and Normocalcemic Presentation
  • Calcium Tests, Low Vitamin D-25 and Scans

Then we listened to….

  •  In the Operating Room with Dr. Deva Boone

and learned the “secrets” of what sets the Norman Parathyroid Center’s techniques apart from others who perform parathyroidectomies and why Dr. Boone felt compelled to join the Center and never look back!

Many more podcasts are in production, however we think this is a great time to invite our listeners to ask general questions that pertain to the podcasts produced to date. We simply request that you ask questions related to one of the podcast topics and refrain from including your lab values and/or asking diagnostic questions that are best answered in a case evaluation.

Here are some examples of great questions as well as the format we request you follow when posting your questions in the Comment Section below!

For Dr. Norman from Calcium Tests, Low Vitamin D-25 and Scans:  What is the normal ionized calcium level and should it be adjusted for age like the serum calcium?

For Dr. Boone from In the Operating Room – Why doesn’t a dramatic drop in iopth guarantee a cure? Isn’t there a normal range for iopth that indicates to the surgeon that they found all the affected glands?

For Dr. Norman from Calcium Tests, Low Vitamin D-25 and Scans: Can you elaborate on when a urine calcium test might be useful? I thought that indeed it was used to help with the people who were harder to diagnose.

Looking forward to hearing your questions AND finding out the answers !



  1. Hi Troopers,
    I have a not very good story. But want to share with you and would need your advice. I was diagnosed with hyperparathyroidism with high blood calcium and high PTH.
    I am from India and I chose a ENT surgeon who said he knew about parathyroids and went ahead for my surgery. In surgery spanning 6-7 hours, he excised my 3 normal glands and could not find the bad gland ( gland with adenoma).
    So, after 2 years of surgery, I am living with the bad gland and clear signs of osteoporosis (knee and shin pains). general fatigue and regular kidney stones.
    Now, It seems I am only left with choice of becoming a hypoparathyroid patient and am sure worried about it.
    Would need your guidance on what should be my path next ?
    1. My old surgeon says that he can look at the gland now and try to find some good cells and can implant it in my hand.
    2. Another surgeon says that its dangerous to plant a part of adenoma as it will again develop adenoma and I have to get operated again. Same advice is also on Dr. Norman’s blog.
    Would love to hear what you people have to say about this.



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