Celebrating High PTH!

Parapeeps at lunch

L to R – Rose, Sophie,Diane, Joyce and Deborah

This last Friday we held our bi-monthly Parathyroid Peeps lunch in Berkeley, CA. We were very excited to get an update from Deborah who had her surgery on June 2nd at the Norman Parathyroid Center (NPC).  She proudly arrived with a picture of her adenoma.  She was all smiles and kept exclaiming how great she was now feeling! We are all so very happy for her and enjoyed celebrating with her!!

We then turned our attention to Rose who reports that she is scheduled for surgery at NPC next August.

Our third member was Diane, who had a failed surgery at a local medical center over 7 years ago.  After meeting us for the first time 2 months ago, she worked up the courage to do her own research and find a capable surgeon that would do her reop and hopefully cure her after so many years.

Diane on the phone with NPC during our meet-up!

As we were discussing our surgical experiences, lo and behold Diane noticed that she had missed a call from (drum roll please) …..Tampa! She was anxiously awaiting news about her latest lab values to confirm she was eligible and so we encouraged her to return the call right then. For goodness sakes – this was the call she had been waiting for!  Diane spoke to Caroline at NPC while we snapped a picture of her receiving news of her latest lab values in hopes of confirming a diagnosis. As she started writing her numbers down, it was clear that she had pHPT based on her elevated PTH. As soon as the call ended we were all cheering to high PTH!!! Diane is now awaiting her consultation call to schedule her surgery.

We wish both Rose and Diane the best of luck for successful surgeries and fast, easy recoveries. And if you are anxiously waiting to receive lab work results to confirm a diagnosis, you can certainly celebrate your elevated PTH with us too…. unless that is, you present as normohormonal (high calcium and normal pth). But I think we’ll save that for a future blog. LOL!

Wishing each and every one of you good health and happiness.

The Parathyroid Peeps

2 thoughts on “Celebrating High PTH!

  1. Thank you for being a cheerleader and resource for those suffering from Hyperparathyroidism! So excited for Rose & Diane to have their surgeries and begin their “new” lives!

    I wish I lived near you all so I could join in! Maybe have to plan a trip around your next meeting. 😀


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