Twitter – Let’s do this!

In order to advance our collective mission to raise awareness and advocate for improvement in diagnosis and standards for surgical treatment we are asking you to consider joining  Twitter to help us accomplish our goals together.

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 6.35.59 PMThere are several issues that we would like to shed light on through this social media platform. Below are just a few examples of the issues we would like to raise awareness about by tweeting. We believe that our efforts would be far more effective with your help.

1) We all know that one reason parathyroid disease goes undiagnosed for far too many years is because the lab values for calcium can vary dramatically from lab to lab. Many do not take into consideration the age of the person and set their values to reflect an average, thus often putting those over 30 who suffer from primary hyperparathyroid disease with calcium values of 10.4 in the “normal” range. We would like to identify and tag  laboratories in tweets to raise awareness and advocate for change.

2) Patient experience tells us that the American Association of Endocrine Surgeons guidelines for primary hyperparathyroid disease need to be improved to better serve us. Let’s be positioned to take action.

3) As we understand the Australia Healthcare System may be making some unfortunate decisions for those suffering from pHPT.  On another front, the UK has their own unique issues to address in order to improve diagnosis and standards. Wouldn’t it be wise for all of us to be positioned to help our friends across the world who are fighting similar issues?

4) Along more general lines, we can and will create awareness of the difficulties pHPT patients face and the needless suffering and deterioration of health that occurs as a result of medical professionals being uninformed (again tagging and tweeting to key individuals who may be in a position to move things forward).

Therefore, we encourage each and everyone of you to consider creating a Twitter account (if you don’t already have one) so that together we can help inform and educate to effect change.


Once you create your account please follow us on Twitter at the handle @parathyroidpeep (no “s” on the end) That way you can easily check out our newest tweets on your homepage and just like Facebook, like and retweet them. It really is easy to catch on. Don’t be afraid to try.

Also follow Hyperparathyroid UK Action4Change at the handle @spsallie.

Let’s do this together!

Here are links to help you get started…

Tips for creating your Twitter Account:

How to Use Twitter:


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