3,2,1…the countdown begins! Meet the Founder of the Bone Girls Club – SANDI PUTNAM

This is the first of a series of blogs entitled, “3,2,1 … The Countdown Begins” that we will be sharing to introduce you to the various speakers we’ve lined up for our 2nd Annual Parathyroid Peeps Retreat November 3-6, 2016 at Miraval Resort and Spa! We hope you will be able to join us for this amazing, all inclusive get-away in Tucson, Arizona. The Parathyroid Peeps Retreat cocktail party, sessions and giveaways are a bonus to the programs and spa services offered at the resort and are available only to those who register using our discount code. Our special group rate is guaranteed through August 31.

To ensure your space, please register ASAP. Learn more about the retreat and how to register here.

Sandi PutnamMEET SANDI PUTNAM  – She will be speaking at the session entitled,  “My Osteoporosis Journey and the Elusive Root Cause”. We first met Sandi through our Facebook page. Sandi is the founder of the  Bone Girls Club in Tucson, Arizona and is the administrator of the group’s Facebook page.  She introduced us to  Dr. Lani Simpson DC, CCD  and author of the “No Nonsense Bone Health Guide which led to our doing a webinar together , given Dr. Lani’s interest in ruling out primary hyperparathyroid disease as a possible root cause of osteoporosis in the patients she sees.

Last year, given we were making the trip to Miraval located in Tucson, Arizona where she lives, we hatched the plan to meet up with Sandi and the Bone Girls to share our stories. Sandi did not know at the time however, that the root cause of her own osteoporosis was primary hyperparathyroid disease! It was her encounter with the Parathyroid Peeps that turned on the switch to enlighten and pursue this debilitating disease.

Sandi’s personal health journey includes having had spontaneous fractures caused by too many years on bisphosphonates, followed by a course of Forteo, to heal those fractures, and more recently a diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroid disease and self-referral to Norman Parathyroid Center for surgery in April 2016, with Dr Deva Boone as her lead surgeon.

In the course of discovery and learning, she started a bone health advocacy group in 2013 in Tucson meets twice a month at a local library to address bone health issues, and more recently, parathyroid concerns and awareness. These are Bone Girls Club (and Guys)  of Arizona.

Sandi Putnam was born and raised in Michigan, became a medical technologist in 1960 and worked at that for 35 years. She is married with a daughter and a grandson in Texas and lives with her husband in Tucson, Arizona. During her husband’s 25 year career with Eastman Kodak in professional markets, the family relocated around the USA that gave the couple and their daughter, many enriching experiences.

In a twenty year time frame that she was able to do so, Sandi owned and kept horses and enjoyed horseback riding, served as a mounted patrol volunteer in a nearby national park for a number of years; continues to enjoy swimming, walking, Yoga, Curves resistance training, sewing and gardening and managing a household and an active life of retirement with her husband, Doug.

Sandi hopes to see you at Miraval!



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