3,2,1…the countdown begins! Meet the Parathyroid Peeps

This is the final post in a series of blogs entitled, “3,2,1 … The Countdown Begins” that we are sharing to introduce you to the speakers we’ve lined up for our 2nd Annual Parathyroid Peeps Retreat November 3-6, 2016 at Miraval Resort and Spa! We hope you will be able to join us for this amazing, all inclusive get-away in Tucson, Arizona. The Parathyroid Peeps Retreat cocktail party, sessions and giveaways are a bonus to the programs and spa services offered at the resort and are available only to those who register using our discount code.  Our special group rate was guaranteed through August 31. Rooms can now only be reserved under the special group rate on an “as available” basis. If you have been procrastinating, don’t wait a moment longer!  

Learn more about the retreat and how to register here.

Parathyroid Peeps Joyce, Sophie and BarbbaraWe are 3 San Francisco Bay Area women who are sharing our personal journeys of overcoming the debilitating symptoms of primary hyperparathyroid disease through surgical removal of our non-cancerous adenoma(s). Our purpose is to raise awareness and advocate for improvement in diagnosis and standards for surgical treatment of primary hyperparathyroid disease.


Our peep retreat at Miraval Resort and Spa provides a haven for those who are interested in learning more about parathyroid disease or seeking a diagnosis, those being told to “watch and wait”, those who have persistent disease, and those who are cured. The curious, supporters, patients as well as medical and mental healthcare professionals are encouraged to take advantage of our group rate and hosted retreat activities.

We’ve lined up a full retreat schedule with an  amazing group of speakers .

We will be presenting at the following sessions:

  • Parathyroid 101 with Dr. Deva Boone
  • Parathyroid Peeps Advocacy Workshop
  • Advocacy Writing Workshop

HOT OFF THE PRESS!  View the entire Parathyroid Peep Retreat Schedule here. 

As patients who have been affected by this disease, we are working to create change so that….

  1. Patients as well as medical and mental healthcare professionals understand the symptoms and biochemical presentations of the disease so that diagnosis is timely.
  2. Medical professionals understand that the “wait and see” model of care is inadequate and leads to more serious health issues. Hyperparthyroid disease is a silent killer.
  3. Patients understand that currently surgical techniques vary dramatically. Change is needed to ensure the most advanced techniques are the standard of care.

Barbara, Joyce and Sophie look forward to meeting you at Miraval! 

Learn more about each of the Parathyroid Peeps here.



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