November Peep Meet-up

What a fabulous meet-up we had this past Wednesday

Meet the Peeps… First we met Barbara J., who travelled 3 +  hours from Nevada in order to attend our meet-up in the San Francisco Bay Area. What a trooper to drive that far!   It was really wonderful getting to know her and hearing how much better she is already feeling after having her surgery in September. We are so happy that she found our website, that it provided her with information that helped her move forward with confidence and greater ease, and that she reached out to us to let us know this, all after the fact.

Next we got an update from Janet. When Janet confided to a close friend that she received a diagnosis of primary hyperparathyroid disease, after being utterly confused by her symptoms for far too many years, this friend, who is familiar with our pHPT advocacy project, exclaimed, “I know exactly who you need to meet!” After hearing our stories and exploring all her options, Janet self-referred for surgery. Now five weeks post op, Janet couldn’t be happier with the results.

Everyone present was so very grateful for improved mental clarity and health following surgery. However, we also know that sometimes other health conditions,unrelated to primary hyperparthyroid disease, need to be unravelled following surgery. For some of us these conditions existed before the pHPT started, autoimmune diseases for example. Others may have developed concurrently as a result of the pHPT (osteoporosis, stones) or independently. In other cases the problem is not evident until after recovering from surgery, for example Hashimoto’s thyroiditis is later diagnosed. So conversations turned to these topics, along with discussions related to gluten sensitivity and diet. Two and a half hours simply flew by.

We could have talked for hours, BUT we didn’t want to leave all of you out! This is why we have plans to continue our conversation with PATIENT PODCASTS… 

We are so excited to announce that these bright, interesting and resilient women will be featured on the first of many patient podcasts we intend to produce. We can’t wait for you to hear their stories! Stay tuned…


Left to Right : Barbara C., Janet, Barbara J., Sophie and Joyce  Pizza Antica, Mill Valley, California

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