Stronger Together

In a recent blog post you met Sallie Powell, a mover and shaker among patients with primary hyperparathyroid disease in the UK and beyond. She  founded and actively manages the closed FB page Hyperparathyroid UK Action4Change that provides support to those trying to get diagnosed and/or find a competent surgeon.  Her most recent endeavor has been to develop an educational two page tri-fold that patients can share with medical professionals in the UK who are not familiar with the the disease and/or may not understand the nuances of diagnosis and that surgery is the cure.

You can review the pamphlet Sallie created on our Resource Page under Patient Support & Services. 

We are sharing this pamphlet because we believe that together we are stronger. We are grateful when there are opportunities to forge relationships that advance our collective mission which unites rather than divides. As we look to the New Year, let’s each commit to doing what we can to raise awareness and advocate for improvement in diagnosis and standards for surgical treatment locally and globally.

We are excited to soon share some of our goals for next year with you in a future blog post.

In solidarity with all who have suffered needlessly,

The Parathryoid Peeps




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