Biology assignment provides hope

Earlier this month my 6th Grader came home with her biology homework. As she was reading out loud her assignment called ‘Feedback Loops’, I realized that it was about the functions of the parathyroid glands! And there is was, an explanation of how your 4 parathyroid glands function and how they monitor your calcium levels and produce parathyroid hormones (PTH). I have to admit that I was blown away (and elated I might add)  that a teacher would bring the parathyroid gland topic to a class full of 6th graders.

My daughter’s reaction upon reading the article was to ask me why the article didn’t mention anything about parathyroid tumors. This made me smile…that’s my girl! I explained to her that her assignment was about the roles of the 4 glands, not to diagnose someone whose parathyroid glands are over producing PTH. Can you imagine if kids in the US learned about possible dysfunction of the glands and parathyroid tumors in 6th grade?

OK, back to reality now from wishful thinking – but I did tell my daughter to please specify on her assignment that the normal calcium levels are age dependent and that a mature adult should always be in the 9s (see chart on the left).  That’s how a mature adult would know they have perfectly nice performing parathyroid glands! Everyone needs to know the highest level of normal calcium value for their age.

This school assignment is making me hopeful that the role of parathyroid glands is not some obscure topic and that biology teachers in our country are indeed paying attention to our calcium levels. I am also hopeful that in the near future all our doctors will be educated on the ‘feedback loops’ and will recognize early on, the signs and symptoms of parathyroid disease, so no one is left untreated for years!


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